Onyx Partners specializes in bespoke fiduciary solutions delivered with exceptional and accessible service.


Our name Onyx comes from the gemstone that is said to have protective properties and provides energy for consistent action.

These characteristics precisely reflect our offer and commitment as a company: to be partners with our clients in the provision of fiduciary solutions that protect, preserve and grow their wealth, expertly delivered through consistent, deliberate and professional actions.

As partners in building and maintaining long-term, value-driven relationships, we make ourselves available and easily accessible to our clients wherever they are in the world.


Onyx Partners delivers the highest level of service by employing best-in-class fiduciary executives who each have a long record and history of building value-driven relationships with clients and their advisors. We value clients who look for longevity in the relationships with their chosen fiduciary partners.

Onyx Partners has the expertise to guide individuals, families and their advisors in the creation of the best fiduciary structure to help manage their wealth and achieve their goals.

Onyx Partners benefits from being an affiliate of Caystone Solutions Limited, a Bahamas-based business services company with years of experience providing comprehensive and customized services and support to individuals, businesses and family office structures around the world. This affords Onyx Partners direct access to a team of professionals well established in full administration and operations.


Bespoke & Nimble — We believe each client is different, with unique objectives and we tailor our offering in support of those objectives. Achieving their goals requires expert guidance and Onyx Partners, a nimble and focused firm, stands ready to respond to the changing needs of our clients.

Bahamas-based, Global Reach — We sit in an ideal location to serve our clients anywhere in the world. However, we understand that our clients must be able to secure best-in-class multi-shore solutions and — with fidiciary executives at the ready in Europe and Latin America — we are able to support businesses and asset holding structures across jurisdictions.

Personalized & Discreet — Onyx Partners is built on the principle that individuals and businesses deserve discretion in the management of their affairs. This hallmark is delivered throughout the execution of our duties with strict adherence to agreed upon communication channels and in accordance with the legal requirement to maintain client confidentiality.